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Sotheby’s New York | The Flown Apollo 13 Flight Plan


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One of the most exciting pieces in Sotheby’s July 20th Space Exploration sale is the Flown Flight Plan from the Apollo 13 Mission. Used by the crew on the spacecraft during the mission, it bears the handwriting and detailed notes of all three crew members, with Mission Commander James Lovell’s writing in black felt-tip pen, Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise’s notes in pencil and Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert’s notes in blue ballpoint pen.


The document records in exacting detail the actions taken by the crew during the mission, including the crucial changes to the flight plan communicated to them by Capcom after the explosion, and the innovative procedures that saved the crew’s lives. It is an incredible eyewitness account of the most dramatic and harrowing mission of the Apollo program.


Ken Mattingly, whose handwriting appears in the flight plan in red ink, was originally slated to be Command Module Pilot. After unwittingly being exposed to the German measles, he was pulled from the mission despite Lovell’s protests, and replaced with Jack Swigert. NASA had Johnson Space Centre artist Barbara Matelski hand-draw and sign caricatures of the crew members, and inserted them in the flight plan as a surprise prank.


The flight plan was signed and inscribed by the Apollo 13 crew, and presented by them as a gift to Turnage Robert “Bob” Lindsey, the Lead Flight Planner for Apollo 13: “To Bob – A truly perfect flight plan as far as we got. We know it would have led us by the hand the rest of the way also. Thanks for this remarkable document which we carried to the moon on odyssey 11-17 april 1970. Fred Haise. James Lovell. Jack Swigert.”

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