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Buenos Aires, Argentina | Art & Grupo Orgánico

ламода распродажа
бинариум отзывы
Buenos Aires is a city full of creativity; its art circuit is very important and many artists are inspired to include various city motifs in their works. Young and contemporary art is increasingly important and avant-garde exhibitions are covered by the most important media outlets in the country. Today, young painters who were able to transcend and find success, many of them present at the recent ArteBA event, are turning to hyper-expressive and more figurative art, featuring a Renaissance palette and almost surreal compositions. Let’s experience some of the artists at the heart of Buenos Aires’ art scene.

UnknownFausto Amadero, “El camino infinito”

Fausto Amadeo is known for his contemporary sculptures. In this case non figural, made of disposable materials achieving a tridimensional form in space; he calls them “Enfibios.”

Unknown-1Santiago Gonzalez Quesnel, “Untitled”

Here we see Santiago Gonzalez Quesnel, with his character-defining palette and compositions which proposes the incorporation of nature into homes through his paintings.

Unknown-2Juan Becú, “Breath In, Breath Out”

Juan Becú places subtle twist to fauvism in his late paintings, leaving some of his earlier work to something less figurative, freely dynamic and very interesting.

Unknown-3Ximena Macri, “La Cama Que Es Océano”

Gimena Macri works in large format pieces where unpainted spaces are protagonists in a very well balanced picture.

Unknown-4Maximiliano Gomez Canle, “Amante”

Maximiliano Gomez Canle’s technique can be seen with touches of surrealism in its objects and characters interacting in Renaissance landscapes. His work is a harmonious fusion of Magritte, De Chirico, and Brueghel.

Unknown-6Galo Sebastian Maronese, section of – “Coper Glass Purple Chocolate Sparks Plant”

Sebastian Galo Maronese recently turned in his late paintings to monochromatic compositions of ink and paper to publish his next book of imaginary botanical plant. The works depict his visionary subjects slowly emerging from landscapes in geometric ways surrounded by the wonders that nature has to offer.

Unknown-5Grupo Mondongo, “Triptico”

The Mondongo group can be described as radicalized from the innovative technique they’ve employed since their first work with Sugus candies of different colors, seen in 2002 in a Grupo Orgánico exhibition on Figueroa Alcorta Avenue. Their works are so shocking that they have even used perishable materials, though varnished.

It should be noted that many of these aforementioned artists have been part of a group which saw its genesis in 1998 looking to find alternative spaces to exhibit their work in the city. This group was called Grupo Orgánico and is one of many that have been generated for such a purpose. This multidisciplinary group of artists had a magazine that represented them, called Elipse. They transcended the Buenos Aires underground when the group ArteBA financed them an exhibition at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in the year 2004. The event generated great press and glowing reviews for the artists, inserting them into the contemporary collector’s circuit.