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Video Marketing 101

Video marketing is regarded as the best return-on-investment in Real Estate Marketing

Entice the viewer to visit the property by using a short cinematic video promoted across all channels


As a Venture Sotheby’s Realty agent, you have unparalleled access to Video Marketing Channels. Once you give us approval, we can take your video and blast it out to the local real estate community, upload it to the New York Times, company Facebook Page, Youtube Page, Google + Page, and hundreds of other Sotheby’s Realty websites.


BUT!!! All videos are not created equally!

What is a video?

A video is “The recording of moving visual images”

A video is NOT still photos. A video is NOT interactive.

This is a slideshow of photos, not a video.

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This is a video. Notice the wind blowing, the door opening. It is better than “Still Photos”

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Branded or Unbranded Video?

Please tell your videographer that you will need a video without any logos or contact information. The Venture SIR marketing team will promote your contact info everywhere. We do not need your contact info in the video itself.

The Unbranded video will be used by other real estate agents, so that they can show the video to their buyer.

Please make sure your Videographer has read page 7 & 8 of this: Style Guide


How do I promote my videos?

At Venture SIR, we have a presence on all major social media channels, and we want to promote your video! Send the file, or a link to download the file, to the Venture SIR marketing department: jason@venturesir.com



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