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ебей на русском
Corindon is on the second place with its toughness, but compare with diamond it is not so. It is widely spread that Sapphire and Rubin are the leaders among the colorful precious jewels. Shiny Rubin and astonishing, stunning colour of Sapphire are unconquerable. It is noticeable that the same minerals widespread by their different similarly beautiful colors have got more varieties. There are astonishing, stunning yellow stones differ from others with more toughness. They are shiny, nearly colourless stones which are really after diamond. Except that the stones have more attractive color – dark blue, yellowish, bluish and green.
Natural crystals and etched stones are shown on the colorful photo 2.
The word “corindon”(French: corindon ) comes from Hindu word ”korund” the meaning of which is unknown. This word was used for the stone that appeared in Europe from India.
Dear Mr.
Thanks for your attention. I have received your answer in which you ask for further information. I want to inform you that I inherited these things from my grandparents. The grand piano is German( Jacob Shtainer, 1701). The old handmade carpet embroidered with silver and gold strings decorated with precious stones in the middle.
Thank you beforehand.
Amiran Mashava.


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